LazyPublisher is meant to be a web based collaborative environment to deliver news and design and layout tools for printed press media. It will allow collaborators to post news and will provide DHTML/AJAX templates to graphic designers for PDF masterpages generation for printing.

(2006-08-16) This project was registered on at 2006-07-27 but I got the idea about three years ago and I started the development earlier this year (2006). At this time I was somewhat busy with other projects from my job, but right now I am organizing and cleaning the code I already have so it can be understood by other developers who wish to colaborate on this project. By the weekend I'll be commiting the first code to CVS and hopefully in a month or less we have a decent home page and the first pre-alpha release for testing purposes.

(2007-07-19) Wow! A year has passed since the last update to this page, well, I need to eat. Now this project has a sponsor, he is interested in this project and is giving me some money, so I can spend time on this, I have been commiting code lately. The project is based on CakePHP for rapid development and will be using Dojo or as AJAX framework. See ya soon!

Ernesto Celis